At our factory in Okhla, New Delhi, we incorporate the latest in woodworking technology for speed, precision and quality of the highest standard.

Our Products:

-  All interior and exterior doors and window

-  Lift and slide doors

-  Tilt and turn windows

-  Casement windows

-  Panelled doors

-  Flush doors

-  Doors and windows of any type to suit your project

-  Wardrobes

-  Cabinetry

-  Wall and partition panelling

-  And much more !

Our Philosophy:

-  The best wood offering, FSC certified, glue-laminated, pressed, and sectioned

-   The best raw materials, glues, hardware, tools, paints, lacquers and allied materials for the highest quality of production and quality control

-  German and European technology for our machines and tools

-  Production drawings of world class standard

-  Superior U Values for thermal insulation for our windows and doors

-  Dust proof and Acoustic properties for our windows and doors

-  All woodwork is processed and finished in the factory itself leaving only installation work at the site